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Defamation Claims: Loose Lips & E-Mails

By Gelfand & Arpe / August 9, 2019

What should your association do when there seems to be evidence that an ex-officer might have misappropriated association funds? An internal investigation is a likely option. Sometimes there may be public accusations. Incriminating statements, talk and emails may lead to inuendo and rumors. What is next? It is not unusual for the accused to fight…

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By Gelfand & Arpe / March 2, 2018

INDEMNIFICATION: PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM YOUR CONTRACTOR’S (UNKNOWN?) SUB-CONTRACTOR Your Association contracted with a contractor.  That contractor was provided specifications and the Association will pay.  But, what happens if the contractor subcontracts with another company and the sub-contractor’s negligence causes injuries to a homeowner?  Will the association have to indemnify both companies?  Maybe, depending on what…

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Association Faces Conversion Claim

By Gelfand & Arpe / February 2, 2018

ASSOCIATION FACES CONVERSION CLAIM FOR DENYING ACCESS TO PROPERTY What do you do with “stuff” left behind following a foreclosure or tenant eviction? This does happen, even in all communities. Recently, a Florida appellate court ruled that an association could be liable for conversion of an owner’s property. In Ice v. The Cosmopolitan Residences on…

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