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By Gelfand & Arpe / March 2, 2018

INDEMNIFICATION: PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM YOUR CONTRACTOR’S (UNKNOWN?) SUB-CONTRACTOR Your Association contracted with a contractor.  That contractor was provided specifications and the Association will pay.  But, what happens if the contractor subcontracts with another company and the sub-contractor’s negligence causes injuries to a homeowner?  Will the association have to indemnify both companies?  Maybe, depending on what…

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Association Faces Conversion Claim

By Gelfand & Arpe / February 2, 2018

ASSOCIATION FACES CONVERSION CLAIM FOR DENYING ACCESS TO PROPERTY What do you do with “stuff” left behind following a foreclosure or tenant eviction? This does happen, even in all communities. Recently, a Florida appellate court ruled that an association could be liable for conversion of an owner’s property. In Ice v. The Cosmopolitan Residences on…

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