Statutory Update 2017

Statutory Update 2017

2017 Legislative Summary

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Reference Materials

Florida Laws

2017-16 Guardianship

2017-17 HB 0401er Notaries Public

2017-21 Public Records

2017-22HB 0818 Timeshares

2017-029 HB 0741 DBPR Fees

2017-030 HB 0927 Appraisers

2017-034 HB 7067 Title Insurance

2017-035 HB 7107 Homestead Exemption Implementation

2017-036 HB 7109er Taxation

2017-47 HB 169 Fictitious Name Registration

2017-82 HB 357 Self Services Storage Facilities

2017-85 HB 467 Department of Agriculture-Surveying and Mapping

2017-093 HB 0398 Estoppel Certificates

2017-101 HB 0377 Construction Limitations

2017-105 HB 0455 Tax Exemptions First Responders

2017-118 Renewable Energy Source Devices

2017-121 Estates

2017-122 Condominium Terminations

2017-139 Accessability

2017-142 Flood Insurance

2017-150 Unmanned Devices

2017-155 Charitable Trusts

2017-163 Vessels

2017-188 Condominiums

Legislative Acts

HB 0169er Ficitious Name Reg

HB 289 Property Taxes-Condominiums

HB 0357er Self Service Storage

HB 0377 Limitation on Actions – Real Property

HB 0401er Notaries Public

HB 0455er Tax Exemptions

HB 0467er Dept Ag Survey and Mapping

HB 0653 Community Associations VETOED BY GOVERNOR

HB 0724er Estates

HB 0727 Accessability

HB 0741er DBPR Fees

HB 0813er Flood Insurance

HB 0927er Appraisers

HB 1027er Unmanned Devices

HB 1237e1 Condominiums

HB 6027er Financial Reporting

HB 7043 Vessels

HB 7107er Homestead Exemption Implementation

HB 7109er Taxation

HB 0727e1 Accessability

HB 7067 Title Insurance

HJR 0021 Homestead Exemption

HJR 7105er Homestead Taxation

SB 0080er Public Records

SB 0090er Renewable Energy Devices

SB 0398er Estoppel Certificates

SB 1018er Pollution

SB 1379er Dept Legal Affairs Charitable Trusts

SB1520 Condominium Terminations

Governor Veto and Signing Messages

HB-653-Community Associations Veto-Letter

HB-747-Mortgage Regulaton Veto-Letter